Preliminary Scientific Program

Grand Ballroom, Yale Club -
7:00- 7:45    Registration

7:45 - 8:00    Daniel Del Vecchio and Eric Auclair:  Welcome and Introductory Remarks

SESSION I:  Principles for Implants and Fat.  MODERATORS:  Nolan Karp, William Austen, Jason Pozner
8:00-8:13    Peter Rubin: The Evolution of Clinical Fat Grafting - The Past Decade
8:15-8:28    William Adams:  The Evolution of Soft Tissue Planning in Breast Augmentation
8:30-8:43    Simeon Wall Jr: 3 Decades of Liposuction - Instruments, Techniques, Results
8:45-8:58    Dennis Hammond:  My Experience Using Implants and Fat in Breast Surgery
9:00-9:13    Rod Rohrich:  Perspectives on Implants and Fat in Breast Surgery
9:15;9:28    William Austen:  Fat Trauma and Cell Protectants - Implications in Composite Breast Surgery
9:30-9:45    DISCUSSION - All Presentors
9:45-10:15    Coffee Break and Exhibits

10:15-12:00                Daniel Del Vecchio:  Submuscular Axillary Gel Implants With Fat Overlay

Live Surgery:             Moderators: Austen, Hammond, Wall, Stevens, Bucky

12:00-12:45    Lunch and Industry Welcome - Sponsored by Sientra, Inc. and  Palomar Medical
SESSION II Textured Anatomic Devices and Fat:   MODERATORS: W Austen, Grant Stevens, Constantin Stan
12:45-12:58    Steve Cohen: Implants and Fat, and the State of Cell Assisted Fat Transplantation

1:00-1:13    Roger Khouri:  Replacing Implants With Fat Alone

1:15-1:28    Louis Bucky:  Implants and Fat in My Breast Practice
1:30-1:40     DISCUSSION - All Presenters

1:40-3:30    Eric  Auclair:   Sub-Fascial Textured Anatomic Implant With Fat Overlay, Adivive System

Live Surgery   Moderators:  Austen, Stan, Blondeel, Khouri

3:30-3:45     Coffee Break and Exhibits
3:45-3:58    Constantin Stan: Textured Anatomic Implants and Fat - My Experience
4:00-4:13     Kamran Koobehi:  Implants and Fat - My Technique
4:15-4:35    Sampaio Goes:  Breast  Implants and Fat - My Experience
4:35-4:55    Roundtable Discussion and Wrap Up - All Faculty
5:00-6:30    Cocktail Reception



THE CASE:  This 25 year old female desires breast augmentation.  Her breast soft tissue is not abundant and she is thin and has no localized fat. 

THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGING:  Three Dimensional Imaging was employed using VECTRA
MEASUREMENT OF BREAST VOLUME:  3 Dimensional breast imaging reveals 160cc breast volumes and a breast diameter of 12.5 cm.  The breast soft tissue is not abundant.  There is mild constriction of the breasts with deficient lower pole volume and a nipple to IMF distance of 5 cm.
VECTRA SIMULATION:   281cc Implants were suitable and selected by vectra in light of the patient's soft tissue analysis.  The patient desires larger breasts than this.  Additional volume will be acheived with fat in the third, or subcutaneous space of the breast.  By principles of Graft/Capacvity of the recipient site, 300 cc of fat per breast would be the maximum she could receive for overlay.